Luzern Lions acerta contratação de defensive back do Timbó Rex

A former safety of the Brazilian American football team, Timbó Rex, has signed with the Luzern Lions of Switzerland. Andrew Bernardini was one of the top players on the T-Rex roster in a campaign that culminated in 2014 with Timbó Rex finishing as the runner-ups of the Torneio Touchdown league.

President of the T-Rex, Igor Rick, says that the transfer of the player to the another country shows strengths of the team’s management model.

“It’s good and bad at the same time. Good because we know we have put down a well structured groundwork, we are also pleased to know that we are contributing effectively to the future of our athletes by providing opportunities for the group. The downside is the loss of the player himself, but we are prepared to replace the loss of Andrew. “

The negotiation between Bernardini and the Lions began on April, when the player signed up on Since then, the athlete started to negotiate with European teams, where most of them are in the middle of the season.

“Last month I have been talking to some teams in Europe and most teams are in the middle of their league, Luzern Lions have a big chance to go to the playoffs they need to win 2 games out of 4. I signed with them very fast, we talked for 4 days and then they bought the tickets and offered me a contract.”

Bernardini’s contract with the Lions ends on July 20. The Swiss team will pay salary and other benefits to the player.

“I signed to help the team go to the playoffs. It’s the Lions first year in the top division in Switzerland, it’s a very young team, but with a very good development. It’s really good to meet new institution and learn their methods.”

Profile: Andrew Bernardini

Bernardini started began playing American football in 2010, when he was 15 years old. He started ta defensive back for the English power London Blitz’s U-19 squad in England.

In 2011, his family moved to Timbó, Santa Catarina/Brazil, and Andrew joined the former Timbó Rhinos (now, called Rex).

Last season, Bernardini also played for Santa Catarina State’s U 20 squad.

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